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Unserm offer, Two family house with the object number OL2499, located in the region:

84494 Neumarkt-Sankt Veit in Muehldorf am Inn (circle) Bavaria

population = 6.126Area = 61,06 Km²License Plate = Wappen von Neumarkt-Sankt Veithttp://www.neumarkt-sankt-veit.de

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The charming town of Neumarkt-Sankt Veit, is located on the Bavarian river Rott, and between Mühldorf Vilsbiburg, in the north of the district of Mühldorf. This market has been over 700 years ago by the Lower Duke Henry the VIII founded. Most striking is the historic town square with its two gates at the end.

Today about 6,000 people live here. In this village there are many shopping opportunities. A very good medical care and for a lot of variety and entertainment provides an extensive sports and leisure facilities, as well as the swimming pool.

The young model is maintained in the kindergartens, primary and secondary school.

Mühldorf-line Vilsbiburg-Landshut

Buses to Mühldorf

By car to reach Neumarkt-Sankt Veit on the B299.

Distance approx:
Mühldorf 17 Km
Vilsbiburg 15 Km
Landshut 35 km
Munich 1990 km



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